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There are many benefits of working with a freelance web designer in Haywards Heath to build a new website or maintain and existing site for you. Freelancers generally have worked in design agencies previously and taken the leap to go into business alone to be able to provide a more personal level of service to any sized business or community group. If you are in the market for a new website, here are some of the key benefits of working with us is the best option for you.

Benefit #1 – Cost

Let’s be blunt here. We understand that everyone’s budget is tight when it comes to marketing spend. However, we try and discuss openly with our clients that investing in their online presence is as important as paying their electricity and water bills. Working with a freelance web designer will save you time and money compared to using an agency or member of family to build your new website. Let us become that extra member of the family – with the skills to do a good job and thick-skinned in case we don’t quite get it right first time! We also don’t have the overheads of an agency – there’s no pool table, snack machine or break-out room to furnish our office with. We price competitively to WIN business, reflected in the quality of our work and experience we can bring to your business.

Benefit #2 – Quality

Look at our Portfolio to see how many different and varied projects we have already worked on. These all had very different budgets, however you can see that each site has been built to exceed the levels of design, functionality and features that the initial budget may have allowed. This is because we believe in creating the best solution for your business, not just your budget. We’re not rigid on how many hours we can put into a project. If something can be done better, we’ll spend the time making it so.

Benefit #3 – Speed

A freelancer can make decisions and moves faster than an agency or family member building a website at the weekends. We aim to get you website preview to you as quickly as possible and work with agility to allow the project to evolve and progress with direct input from the client. With a single point of contact for all ideas, changes and revisions to the design process, you can have the confidence that we’ll work all the hours needed to get the project launched on time, every time.

Benefit #4 – Consistency

With our experience, we wear every kind of hat possible when it comes to building your new website; graphic designer, SEO expert, copywriter, image sourcing, UX design, logo creator, and many more. This gives you the benefit of a consistent level of design quality and tone, the confidence in how the site is built and most importantly, knowing that all these various elements are optimised by a focussed individual.

Benefit # 5 – Communication

Ask any of our clients how easy we are to deal with and how simple we communicate complicate aspects of a project so that everybody understands what is happening. We keep the jargon to a minimum and try to be available as quickly as possible to provide advice and updates to a site. As we are local in Haywards Heath, it makes for arranging meetings quickly and conveniently with our clients. And, if you aren’t in West Sussex? No problem, we are more than happy to jump in the car or on a train to visit you. This is the great thing about freelancers (we don’t know for sure if they are all like us!) we want to be responsive to your phone and email enquiries from initial contact right through to project launch and beyond!


As you can see there are many benefits of working with a freelance web designer, especially if you are a business, charity or community project that is based in Haywards Heath, West Sussex as you can choose Digital Berry to join your team. Let us surprise you with our costs, quality and speed for building your new website and lets start a long-term relationship of making your business do better online.

Simon Berry
Simon Berry
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