Get your Digital CV here!

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July 6, 2018
Get your Digital CV here!

Are you fresh out of school, college or university and looking for a job? Or just wanting to find a new job?

Have you got a CV?

Do you want to STAND OUT from all the other applicants who have a boring paper CV?

Well then, you need to talk to us!

We’ve just finished a very quick and affordable one-page style website for a young, talented composer who was wanting to showcase her portfolio work online to back up her CV, and it struck us that right now there are probably quite a few of you how are in the same boat. So we would like to help you start your career off on the right foot!

We even use it ourselves – Simon’s Digital CV

In todays mobile world, who needs paper any more (think of the tree’s you’ll save!). Having a digital CV is a great and easy way to keep everything upto date, accurate and send prospective business owners (who you might just bump into in a random opportunity) but you haven’t got a paper CV to hand. Send them your CV web link instead!

We can style and create it in anyway which best reflects your personality and requirements – whether that’s a monolouge of your skills (we don’t recommend this!) or a sharp, engaging, stylish and interactive design with images and videos of your work. The ideas are limitless….

So, what will yours look like?

Get in touch with us today to find out more. Single site pages start from £150 for one like Florence’s but you are not limited to just one page! Add a gallery, portfolio, video archive, even contact forms and social media profiles.

It will be the most worthwhile investment in yourself you make this year!

Simon Berry
Simon Berry
Follow my thoughts and insights as I post web design and digital marketing content that I think our customers, and future customers, may find interesting. There will be the odd tip, trick and hint thrown in to help grow your business online too!