New Quality Score Reporting in AdWords

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At last, Google are making things easier for us PPC folk! To most people this is not very exciting, but for me (and other PPC geeks out there) this is something to celebrate!

Google have released an AdWords update that allows you to see the different factors affecting Quality Score (QS) within individual columns, so there’s now no need to hover over the little speech icon on every keyword you want to review. The new columns also include a historic QS, also broken down by component (expected CTR, Ad relevance & Landing page experience).

New Columns:

Old Way of viewing QS info:


The fun doesn’t stop there though! Google now also allows you to see your QS history broken down by day.

Simply click on the ‘Segment’ button, then click ‘Time’, then ‘Day’ and your QS details will be split out by day – how cool is that? (screenshot below). This will allow you to identify exactly when something changed, so that you can work out what might have caused the increase or decrease!


Well done Google, your updates are very much appreciated….not sure about the new look AdWords Alpha dashboard though, that’s going to take some getting used to! Here’s a sneak peek if you’ve not got access to it yet…

If you want to check out the official Google info on the new QS columns, you can find it here: Gain deeper insights with improved Quality Score reporting.